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Spray Foam Insulation

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If you are constructing a new house/building or remodeling parts of your current home, utilizing a spray foam insulation service is the ideal solution for maximizing energy efficiency and long-lasting performance. Spray foam insulation is a type of polyurethane spray that expands as it is applied turning a liquid to a solid, which makes it an effective way to seal areas and stop air from passing through gaps, joints, and crevices. By using spray foam insulation, you can create a more comfortable and energy-efficient environment within your home.

Spray foam insulation differs from conventional insulation materials like foam board and blanket batt insulation, as it can easily adapt to the unique features of a space. This enables spray foam installers to perfectly fit the insulation into every nook and cranny of a house, ensuring a thorough insulation job that maximizes energy efficiency.

When you partner with an experienced spray foam insulation contractor like The Foam Guy & Son, you receive quality service that allows you to reap the environmental and economic benefits of spray foam as an upgraded insulation option for your home.

Reasons you should choose Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is most effective in newly built homes or areas that have been stripped down to their frames for renovation purposes. Unobstructed wall spaces make the application of the material quick and clean. Moreover, spray foam insulation provides homeowners with an array of unique advantages that other insulation types do not offer, such as:

Air Quality

The airtight seal formed by this insulation has the ability to keep out dust, pollen, and other contaminants from infiltrating the air inside the house.

Structure Stability

The extra layer of insulation applied to walls can boost a building's strength by around two to three times.

Mold Prevention

The polyurethane used in this insulation type does not provide a food source for mold to grow on.

Moisture Resistance

Due to its non-absorbent properties, this insulation offers water resistance to a building, with closed foam insulation even certified by FEMA as flood-resistant.


Types of Spray Foam Insulation:

Home owners/builders can choose to install two types of spray foam insulation in their properties.

Open Cell Inulation: The certified air barrier of open-cell insulation can assist homeowners in conserving energy while simultaneously slowing moisture and supplying noise.

Closed Cell Insulation: True to its name, the "closed" cell insulation forms a barrier against air and water, making it a suitable choice for waterproofing foundations and resisting flood damage.

For homeowners, renters, and property owners who are uncertain about which type of spray foam insulation service is best suited for their property, we encourage them to reach out to Standard for a free consultation.

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