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Sound Attenuation

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Quality Sound Attenuating Insulation Contractor In the Capital Region

After working with us to insulate you home, homeowners often notice a significant reduction in external noise such as trash trucks and lawnmowers, resulting in a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment. They also observe a decrease in the frequency of their heating and cooling systems turning on, as the insulation helps to retain air inside the house. With the reduction in the need for the systems to turn on and off, there is less banging noise, particularly at night when everyone is trying to sleep. Additionally, we offer interior wall rockwool and spray foam insulation to further prevent the travel of noise from room to room.

Homeowners who opt for Sound attenuating insulation can enjoy the added benefit of superior sound control. Rockwool and spray foam insulation is widely used to help reduce exterior noise as well as interior noise transmission between rooms. It is an excellent acoustic insulator, capable of absorbing high frequencies ranging from 200 to 2,000 hertz. This makes it a great choice for those who want to create a quieter and more peaceful living space, free from unwanted noise.


Reasons you should choose Sound Attenuating Insulation

When it comes to creating a peaceful, serene environment in your home or commercial building, the importance of sound attenuating insulation cannot be overstated. From noisy neighbors to traffic sounds, outside noise can have a significant impact on your quality of life. That's where sound attenuating insulation comes in. This specialized insulation is designed to reduce the transmission of sound, providing you with a quiet, comfortable living or working space. Say goodbye to unwanted noise and hello to the sweet sound of silence.

Noise Reduction

Sound attenuating insulation can help reduce unwanted noise from outside sources, such as traffic or neighbors, as well as from within the building itself, such as between rooms or floors.

Commercial Privacy

Offices that requires privacy, sound attenuating insulation can help create a more private environment by reducing the amount of sound that travels in and out of the room or level to level.

Residential Comfort

Helps create a more comfortable living or working environment by reducing noise and creating a more peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Building Codes

Some building codes require the use of sound attenuating insulation in certain types of buildings, such as multi-unit dwellings or commercial buildings, to meet minimum standards for noise control.


Types of Sound Attenuating Insulation:

Home owners/builders can choose to install two types of Sound Attenuating insulation in their properties.

Rockwool: High-density, which makes it extremely resistant to airflow and excellent at noise reduction and sound absorption, meaning that even the nosiest infrastructure sounds quieter.

Sealection 500 Open Cell Spray Foam: Porous substance of connected, open cells. It's less rigid than closed-cell, allowing for some air and moisture infiltration. Because of the open structure, it's better at trapping sound.

For homeowners, renters, and property owners who are uncertain about which type of sound attenuation insulation service is best suited for their property, we encourage them to reach out to Standard for a free consultation.

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